Brave Leaders show up differently

10 observable changes

1. Engages in more courageous conversations with self and others.

2. Learns and practices empathy and compassionate leadership.

3. Understands how to welcome truth, dissenting voice and imperfect ideas that result in increased participation, risk taking and innovative thinking.

4. Begins sentences by saying "I am going to dare greatly here...".

5. Understands what it means to live out your values as your true north compass.

6. Understands three common reactions to feeling "less than" and has built resilience around reactivity.

7. Has identified triggers and how they may impact perceived identities.

8. Has learned how to set boundaries; what’s ok and what’s not ok.

9. Deals with conflict more effectively by having tough conversations with empathy.

10. Embraces being brave and afraid at the same time.

Show up. Be seen. Live Brave.

Show up. Be seen. Live Brave.

Individual Insight; The Leadership Circle Profile
Leaders participate in a powerful 360 assessment tool that helps reveal current leadership stance and reactive style. Profiles provide insights and affirmations around a strengths based approach to a more creative and empowering stance.

Transforming; The Daring Way™ Coursework
Based on the research of Brene' Brown, The Daring Way is a transformational program for leaders. Leaders will have access to 12 experiential sessions; with video, coursework and questions. Each facilitated session has specific topics that helps leaders learn and try out new practices leading to more insightful, emotionally intelligent, and courageous interactions with self and others.

Leading Courageously; Private Coaching
Private coaching helps leaders unpack insights, self awareness and practices that emerge from The Leadership Circle Profile and The Daring Way Coursework. Through action and reflection, leaders are able to engage in practices that result in more courageous and connected behavior. Molly is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and ICF Certified Coach.