I help you gain clarity of purpose and courage at work.


Together, we get to the heart of the matter; with Compassion and Courage.

You learn and practice new habits to ultimately you show up as a braver, better version of you.



My mission is simple. I want to create a movement around clarifying and living with purpose, choosing small every day courageous and compassionate acts that build on one another to transform each of us-inside and out.

The ultimate goal is to work in a more courageous, purposeful and heart-centered way.

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Molly Conlin Peterson

I combine 21 years of executive/career coaching, with curated positive psychology practices, best career development/vision strategies, and research from Dare to Lead

I believe every one needs a safe harbor; a heart-centered space to share deeply and tenderly; those vulnerable things that get in the way of leading and working with courage, purpose and heart.