What leaders are saying about this work.

“The Leaders with Heart brought immeasurable value to our management team.
We were all concerned at first about venturing outside our comfort zone, but going through this work with the guidance of Jenny and Molly, we have strengthened our leadership capabilities a great deal; both individually and collectively.
This shared experience helped us build a common language around courage and vulnerability. and, it expanded our trust in each other.”

— Laurie McGinnis, Director at The University of Minnesota, Transportation Studies.

I credit my work with Molly for helping me to take significant risks and achieve my ambitions. Her fantastic listening skills, insightful observations, and unfailing encouragement are the reasons I have turned to her multiple times when faced with critical professional opportunities and challenges. She has supported me on my journey as I’ve sought to take vocational leaps of faith and to recover when I’ve stumbled. Whatever the scenario she is unfailing in her ability to help me see how I can call on my strengths to marshal forward whatever the challenges. I am a better leader and decision-maker because of my work with her.

I am grateful to have this amazing woman—with whom I can process life events and look at things more clearly—as my coach.

— Cassidy Titcomb, VP Mission Advancement, YMCA
“The Leaders with Heart Program was so powerful! Having six months to focus on “ how we want to show up” was an effective way to reflet and then test and modify ideas. The program content and delivery made me see that even simple changes
( which aren’t so simple to do) can have a big impact. Making these small changes has been noticed by my co-workers and others and is helping me in all aspects of my life, work, home, community. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to live a more authentic (and brave) life!”

— Dawn Spanhake, Associate Director, Development and Finance, University of Minnesota-
Molly was the right coach at the right time for me. She is a seasoned professional leadership coach and carries inside her a great capacity for empathy, listening, guiding, mentoring, and encouraging. During our work together, I found a greater ability to see more of a 360 landscape leadership and management potential, both externally and internally. Molly helped me think through many aspects of my leadership journey, prompting subtle nuances of reflection and momentum that have helped me become a better leader at Enterprise Minnesota.
— Lynn Shelton, V.P. of Marketing, Enterprise Minnesota
After interviewing several career coaches, I knew that Molly was the person I wanted to work with when I was struggling to discover what was next in my career. Molly is an amazing coach. She helped me in so many ways; both big and small. She is knowledgeable, experienced and takes a very positive, creative, supportive “lead from behind” approach. I would recommend Molly to anyone looking to go through a thoughtful career transition.
— Carolyn Erickson, V.P. HR, Taylor Corporation