Imagine’s Career Road Map

Imagine has developed a Career Road Map that offers you a customized and personalized career approach. You can start at the beginning or identify the points where you need the most assistance. While we tailor your program to meet your specific needs, viagra sale viagra the road map will keep you on track and show you where to go next.


Self Assessment    

Through hands-on activities, assessment tools, and discussion I help identify your values, strengths, personality, flow skills, ideal environments, and dreams. Self assessment tools include; Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, and Strengthsfinder. In addition, I help you explore best fit and use of those talents in your work.

  • Key question: If you were really honest with yourself, what is it that you were made to do?

Generate and Explore Options
The next step involves brainstorming potential options to explore. I provide guidance in conducting research, networking, informational interviewing, developing partnerships, and crafting experiments. This is a synergistic process as you explore options, new ideas and options become available.

  • Key question: What are three “future selves” that would be fun to explore?

Decision Making 
Using the decision making styles and reviewing life line history, you can make wise and authentic choices about new directions and plan B’s.

  • Key question: What choice would take you to the next level in terms of the career you desire?

Self Marketing
Develop a strategic plan for marketing yourself including; creating an effective resume, portfolio review, utilizing networking contacts, who and how to connect, and how to tell your story in a compelling manner.

  • Key question: When you have thirty seconds to tell your story, what do you say?

Goal Setting/Vision
Together we create a desired career vision and back that vision with specific and time oriented action steps, we examine both internal and external obstacles and use both practical and creative techniques for realizing your dreams.

  • Key question: In what specific ways can you move toward your new career vision?

Ongoing Support and Strategy

Having a place to check in for accountability, to strategize, or simply because you feel stuck is reassuring. You know that you have a place to process, get unstuck and help to you move forward faster and more intentionally.

  • Key Question: What would be the best use of your time and energy at this point?