Transition Spiral

Consider how the process of transition can result in professional and personal transformation.


Ask yourself: Where do you currently fall in the transition spiral?

Plateau- a place of stability where you know what to expect in your life and career.

Triggering Event- an external or internal event that changes your current situation or our perspective.

Chaos- a place of instability and change.  Your future is not yet defined.

Two Options:

  • Quick Fix- In an effort to reestablish  your stability, generic viagra cialis   you move out of fear or panic without exploring what is possible in your life. You miss the opportunity to create something bigger in your life and career.
  • Transformation- You take time to reassess your dreams, self and potential in your career and life. As a result of a thoughtful process and taking focused steps in the chaos, you create a richer and more rewarding career and life. This results in professional and personal transformation.

Imagine uses a proven roadmap to take your career to the next level. This longer term perspective typically leads to a more fulfilling and more permanent outcome.