Leaders with Heart

Leaders with Heart is an experiential human development program based on the research of  Dr. Brené Brown  and the Leadership Circle Profile.  The vision is to empower leaders to be more courageous, cialis find vulnerable and resilient in their professional and personal lives.

Step 1. Leadership Circle Profile-  a powerful 360 assessment tool that helps reveal habitual thought patterns underlying behavior choices. The goal being to lead form a more empowering creative stance.

Step 2. Coursework of the Daring Way- an methodology based on the research of Brene’ Brown.  The work is facilitated through discussion, view written exercises, and video with the ultimate goal of challenging leaders to show up in work more courageously.  Leaders attend six 2.5 hour sessions on a monthly basis.

Step 3. Private one-on-one coaching- helps leaders unpack and make meaning of their own underlying beliefs.  Through small daily practices, leaders shift awareness of how underlying beliefs and perspectives impact choices.


Private one-on-one Leadership Coaching

If you are ready to go to a deeper level, this approach will engage your understanding, increase self- awareness of habits that no longer serve you and that are keeping you stuck. Move forward in leading with courage, compassion and connection. Custom coaching packages available and designed to meet individual needs.
 To get started call Molly 952-451-8190 or email molly@imaginecoaching.com
The Daring Way™ is for personal/professional growth and psycho-educational purposes and not considered therapy.