iStock_TreeCoaching is an interactive process where clients develop, viagra find own and are responsible for executing action plans. Through reflection, experiential learning, and practice, clients have a confidential setting to discuss dreams, issues and blocks. This approach helps clients reach their goals more quickly than if they were working on their own.

  • Coaching is a powerful tool because it forces an individual to think very deeply about how they are thinking, feeling, or reacting to something.

According to adult learning principals, reflecting on past actions is not something we do naturally. Basically, I ask a lot of thought- provoking and sometimes very challenging questions in order to help clients reflect on lessons learned or insights gained in order to take meaningful next steps.

  • Clients have best answers inside of them. My job as a coach is to ask the right questions, guide the process, and provide accountability and structure.

My coaching practice is based on asking effective questions, listening, and noticing patterns to help clients find solutions, see the bigger picture and determine meaning. By providing a structure for discovery and accountability, clients own the process and are empowered to move into action.

  • The process of change is practical and spiritual. It takes tremendous courage and self awareness to make “little leaps of faith” in the direction of our dreams.

Change opens up the opportunity for spiritual growth. We either learn to live in faith or fear. Who we become, and how we live our lives as the result of change, is as interesting as external changes that result. Making changes requires “little leaps of faith,” yet any kind of movement where your feet leave the ground can be frightening and exhilarating. Having a safe, confidential setting to discuss dreams, issues and blocks is grounding and groundbreaking.

  • Accountability helps people move faster and more strategically.

Meeting with me provides the accountability, feedback, and sharing that helps clients reach their goals more quickly than if they were working on their own. As a result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make more informed decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.