Do you have a calling?

What does calling look like?


Here are three examples of individuals who listened and stepped out in response to a calling to do something a bit different with their lives.

Megan Tamte shared her story at Women Who Inspire last month; a stay at home mom with no retail experience who bravely answered a call to start a business called Hot Mama. Through faith, viagra generic pills she was able to step out in scary places including putting down a million dollar guarantee on that first space.  Seven years later, she has stores all over the country and over 500 employees. More importantly, she feels her work is giving her the opportunity to lead and authentically touch lives in ways that would not have been possible as a stay at home mom.

Charles Kaye, advice a Harvard Grad and successful investment banker went from running a Hedge Fund on Wall Street to building from scratch and running a mission, church, and school in Nicaragua. I asked him why he and his wife, Sarah gave up their jobs and moved their young children to a country where the average person lives on $2/day and the Samosas drop their enemies in volcanoes.  He smiles, and shrugs his shoulder and says simply “It is what we felt called to do”. Charles claims that while is his new life is more difficult in some ways, it also feels much more authentic. As a natural leader and storyteller, he loves the teaching and ministry aspects of his work. Being part of the shift in peoples lives, has given him a tremendous sense of purpose.

Sue, a skilled fundraiser is working at huge non-profit organization where she is feeling called to “raise the tide” and implement a new structure for giving and building donor relationships. Sharing and executing her vision has required her to step out in new and courageous ways and she is transforming both internal and external processes. Through this new call, she is finding herself more energized and engaged in her role than ever before.

Calling is not in some of us, it is in all of us. It could be a big or small. Socially conscious or fashion conscious. Your purpose or calling is unique to you. It is in you- so it is without judgment. The only you thing you need is to listen and have the courage to bring it forth. Sometimes, the idea of calling feels scary because we think that we will be called to do things that are radically different from who we are. But the reality is that our gifts are tied to the places we are called to go, and often help us tap into our best versions of ourselves. In fact, the one constant I hear over and over from those who follow a call; ” my work now feels more authentic and more like me.”


Seven Truths of Calling

  1. Authenticity is you being you. And, it is the simplest way to connect, lead, and leave something original behind.
  2. You have a unique genius placed inside of you; a unique combination of gifts and talents. When you use those gifts in work, you feel most alive, most energized, and achieve at the highest levels with the least amount of effort.
  3. The ability to listen to your inner voice, God, divine guidance, gut instinct, is one of the most powerful forces in your life. Listening will give you direction in every situation.
  4. Combining your talents with a calling, path that feels meaningful is the surest way to experience your best self, accomplish great things, experience joy, and make an extraordinary impact.
  5. Vision is a snapshot of a dream or calling realized and an inspiring way to remind yourself on a daily basis of all that is possible.
  6. There is one thing that stands in the way of you bringing your brilliance and what you could accomplish into the world. You. Your fear, your resistance, your doubt and your beliefs.
  7. Faith opens possibilities and synchronicity. Faith moves you forward and allows you step into places that are both exciting and scary.


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