Leaders Vision Process

Through the Vision Process, cialis buy buy viagra Imagine helps professionals take a fresh look at their purpose and supports them in looking forward.


Together, there we:

Assess Talent

We help you identify your natural strengths, resources, and preferred work styles. Recognizing your unique areas of talent and “flow skills” can help you can become more strategic in the use of your resources and time. Assessment tools include; Myers Briggs Type Indicator, there and 360 Reach, and Strengthsfinder.

Key question: What activities give you the greatest satisfaction?

Create a Big Vision

Together we create a desired vision for your work. If you were living to your real potential, what does that look like? Based on your current realty, what needs to grow or change? If you were able to take things in a new direction or to a new level, what would that look like?

Key question: If you were thinking bigger and your work was “as good as it gets”, what does that look like?

Develop a Plan

We’ll help you build a strategic plan for attaining your vision. This may include partnering, marketing, branding, changing your use of talent, changing conversations, looking at new approaches, restructuring your day, thinking bigger or changing your beliefs.

Key question: What three changes can you make to help you realize your vision?

Take Action through Goal Setting

Together we create specific and strategic goals that support your vision, identifying specific and time oriented action steps, and examining both internal and external obstacles. Clients are encouraged to use both practical and creative techniques for realizing your purpose.

Key question: What specific steps can you take to realize your purpose? When will you do them?

Ongoing Support and Strategy

Having a place to check in for accountability, to strategize, or to get unstuck is reassuring. You know that you have a place to process, get support, and help to you move forward faster and more intentionally.

Key question: What would be the best use of your time and energy at the point?