Leadership Coaching

Imagine helps professionals realize a bigger purpose.

Does the idea of creating a bigger vision for your work excite you? Do you have ideas that are calling you right now, viagra canada shop but you are not sure how to act on them? Do you secretly feel you could make a bigger impact or difference at work?

Combining your talents with a meaningful purpose creates a unique synergy resulting in increased energy, viagra clinic fulfillment, click and success.

Imagine helps leaders work with greater courage and purpose.


 What is the bigger vision that is calling you right now?  What fears, obstacles and resistance do you need to face in order to live bigger and bring more of yourself to work?  This process begins with you. We begin with identifying your unique gifts and talents at work.  And, then we create a compelling vision based on your values, purpose and inner callings that will make a positive impact on your business and those around you.  By integrating  Brene’ Brown’s The Daring Way and  Rising Strong coursework we are able to get to the underbelly of what holds you back.  Together, we are able to assess and raise awareness of behaviors and thought patterns and shift from a reacting stance to a more creating and empowering one.
Ultimately, we work on only on the external goals and the internal thought patterns and perspectives that hold you back and keep you from fully living your real potential.
Private Coaching
 Bringing that purpose to fruition; through day-to-day success and long term strategy, can be both thrilling and overwhelming
As your coach;
 I provide the process and questions for tuning into internal guidance and gaining bigger insights. Together, we assess areas of strengths and development, identify values, examine patterns, brainstorm ideas, help identify ideas, fears and obstacles.

I provide the ongoing support you need, as both a positive champion and an objective eye providing observations and feedback. As your confidential partner, we address challenges and figure out new strategies to help your purpose thrive more effortlessly.

Through coaching sessions, we focus on behavior and perspectives that impact performance and fulfillment, and examine the steps to making real changes. I ask questions that impact vision, fulfillment, and action. These questions help look at the big picture instead of getting bogged down with fears, obstacles and details. They encourage development of dreams that expand our horizons. Ironically, this strategy provides fresh solutions and tangible steps to move through stuck points.

In short, this action-oriented and reflective process allows your best self to emerge and for you to make the most significant impact. It is a pretty exciting way to work

As a result of coaching, you maximize your potential and work with greater purpose.