“What we imagine is not random, drugstore because through imagination we receive the blueprint for future chapters of our lives.” — Molly Peterson

Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith 

Defining your dream is half the process.  Taking the leap to live with purpose- to change a career, cialis sales cheap to start a business, or follow a calling is the other half.  One of the most overlooked aspects of living with purpose is the leap of faith. So often we miss our opportunities to jump.  We see the moment and look over the edge and step back; “it is too frightening” or “not practical”.

Fulfilling your dreams requires a leap across the chasm.  Leaving the predictable and safe for the unknown and uncreated is part of the adventure.  Imagine a visual leap across the chasm from one life to another less known but potentially more lush life.  The leap of faith requires an action, treat a decision, an internal shift, or an active conversation that involves courage and faith.

At our essence we are excited about the prospect of leaping for joy into a new kind of life. To courageously step into the direction of your dreams is one of the most frightening and liberating moments.

It is not a push that we need; it is a shift in our being.

So the question becomes how do I grow into the kind of person who lives in faith?

“Faith is not something to grasp it is a state to grow into” Mahatma Gandhi


Realizing Your Dreams

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Realizing Your Dreams
Imagine Helps Individuals Realize Their Dreams
Do you ever wonder what you were really made to do? Are you ready to invent your next career chapter and create a definite new direction? Imagine can help you on your path to create meaningful work.
As your Career Coach, viagra buy stuff it is my job to help your discover the work you “were meant to do.” My belief is that each individual is born with specific talents and purpose. Using your talents is the surest way to happiness, viagra site excellence, and contribution.
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